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Trend Radar

Trends are no longer about just ripping off the catwalks, wandering around LA or New York finding new trends and hoping thats enough to secure sales.

The customer is savvy now and sentiment is moving towards them asking massive questions of the brands and businesses that they use. Don't take our word for it - check out the Deloitte research here

''This year across several categories, there was a higher proportion of customers not buying into certain brands or products because of ethical or sustainability-related concerns'' (one in three customers / 30% )

Deloitte research (2023)

Businesses and those within it not only have to be ready for the change in customer sentiment, we also have to be ready for the trends that will support their shift into this space.

In our unique trend radar (originally created by our Real Circularity partner Ken Alston who is an absolute legend in the space of the original work 'CradLE to Cradle) we look on both the macro trends in your country of operation, in your particular industry and down to your niche and business.

With your Trend Radar practice you have a moving idea of what is most prominent for both the macro and your particular business or niche. Like fashion trends these are not static, they can move and can creep up on you in record time if you are not aware or tracking the landscape correctly.

Like fashion trends one doesn't just look at one catwalk and declare this is the one! It is a process of analysis, what is working for your business / brand, what is happening politically where you are retailing, have your office and precure from (is that indeed viable anymore?)

We have taken the time to work into our 5 macro trends for our Academy members and Clients, we will be sharing into the depth of these in our masterclasses and downloadable papers.

Join our Academy NOW to gather these live sessions and PDF downloads as a part of your main course journey, As well as the Academy Course which is fully recorded for you and ready to work through in your own time, you will also be invited to join our Alumni which is a community that gathers and works on the issues that are coming up in their professional careers (mostly professionals, consultants, freelancers both in fashion product development and design and in marketing.

If you are a mid to larger size business then do reach out to us, we have worked on the REAL implementation of this work for combined 40 years and we are able to offer swift, economical coaching or consulting for your business .. Train your teams, work on a product iteration that will make money for the next thing, work on your business systems. We work bespoke with you - and it doesn't cost as much as you would think to save yourselves a lot of trial and error.

Get into action, becuase if you miss the trend you miss the boat. Check out our quick look at the trends here - Trend Radar

Real CircularityCo-founded by Ken Alston, Rachel Sheila kan & Simon Hedley.

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