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True Nature

Nature connection In life and business with Circular Earth - Time for reflection

It’s that day again, Friday - a time to post something a little more to the heart or mind.

This week I have been contemplating on what's real and true for me and my business. I have always worked with how things feel rather than looking too much at the analytics. Is it possible to work in both states? To find a balance with flow and factors?

I think so – innovation and magic occur in the flow state, but indeed we need to make it work in our systems and indeed our everyday practical lives.

The truth however comes from the inner, and sometimes makes zero sense to the outer. When I talk of inner and outer – it is like being in love – the inner doesn’t always make a distinction towards practicalities which would be part of the outer – yet when you try on the practicalities without the inner ‘love or magic’ it feels desolate even lonely even if the practicalities are met to the fullest.

This is always a complex thing for me to look at and at the end of the day I follow that inner nature as much as I can. Sometimes it doesn’t work In that moment as others are not ready for it and indeed in my work on The Ecosystem Incubator the way that I share it is most important. Sometimes I get that I can be very theoretical, on the edge or it can feel overwhelming, I am aware of this much more now and so look at my way of being and communicating.

Those with the same inner knowing will automatically be drawn even if in the practical It doesn’t yet make sense and they have been great collaborators in finding the path as a collective.

What works for me as a business owner and in my own life is a sense of freeness of being, working and living – creating towards abundance and thrivability that’s not just about me – or money or things or holidays . . but creating something bigger than ones-self in a cathedral thinking mentality. Building with Love and gratitude for what’s there, also what is not there. Living a life for and with all with ease.

The main thing in life for me is to be in service and to meet others where they are at .. sometimes that means letting go if they are not there yet or it doesn’t resonate yet. And sometimes that also means letting go of a comfort blanket also to feel into the inner magic that makes no sense yet so much sense at the same time.

It also means that to share the magic we have to also live in balance with the practical & get on and do what is needed for the magic to be seen and understood.

So the next parts will be letting go either way, making balance and active communication. Whilst always listening and leaning into the True Nature as a guide.

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