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The Real Circularity Summit

Today we are proud to be announcing our Real Circularity Virtual Summit along with our first key note speakers, Michael Werner, Head of Circularity at Google and Tricia Carey, Chief Commercial Officer at Renewcell. The line up continues to grow as we invite our trusted clients, collaborators and projects to share their work.  View the line up and link on the main page to join the summit.

The Summit is an ethical space where anyone regardless of revenue or ‘loss’ in the traditional sense can share.

It is not a pay to play arena and is open world wide for those that are interested In the REALITY of applied Circularity. The ups and downs, the funding and investment struggles or success . The learnings of growing and evolving an iteration, on growing a business, a career or a 'collaborative' in this space.

We work with whole systems principles, where we can zoom right in to one part of the system, even one micro detail - right through to being at a world level. The Summit is no different, we have invited players from an inter-industry perspective - from the domains of fashion , The built environment through to tech solutions

Get Real with us

Key Components of The Real Circularity Summit & our wider work

With EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) coming to the forefront, many businesses and indeed internal teams may be trying to assess what to do? how to navigate new territories? work with new systems or economic strategy ?.. especially if they are selling into the EU.  We work on creating value from your product, brand and business . creating both circularity , systems and new economics into every iteration.

With the economic landscape being so challenging for many businesses, you may be feeling that sustainability or circularity are at the bottom of the agenda? This is not where we need to be but it is the reality of the landscape at the moment. A lot of our work is about working in new ways where we can showcase with our Ecosystemic work.

Get Real with the Real Circularity Summit .. join us to look at a positive although realistic perspective on how to work into current challenges and create positive benefits.

We work on a Free / Fee / VIP basis, if you want to just take in the summit live on the virtual space (timezones to suit - Canada, US, UK, India) or join as a VIP to gather the chance to ask questions , join our portal for links and recordings .. Or if you want to speak, link up with us and express your interest (This is subject to us meeting and finding out the depth of your iteration or business strategy)

Do you want to add Circularity to your resume or build it in to your business to work on EPR and the risks that will come with it?

The Real Circularity Academy for the rest of the year will be available on a video course called Foundations .. join soon as we will be capping off the pre-order special discount soon .. link here to secure your course now.. 

It gets you X12 online video sessions , Monthly Virtual live Alumni meetings, Alumni access for 12 months & portal access.

We have also Launched Academy for teams, to help businesses to coach their entire teams and become the implementors of Real Circularity.

Real Circularity - Book Review ..

''Returning from a successful tradeshow in London I used the flight back to enjoy a book that I was gifted by a wonderfully lady I met there. She had dedicated years to working and developing  the world of Circular Fashion and she is a treasure trove of information. I can't begin to praise this book for how easy, non nonsense, quick read.. even though it is tackling a very serious subject of Circularity'' 

The Real Circularity book has been winging its way out to professionals in the US, UK and EU. The response has been positive, It is a quick and deep dive into our distinctions for super busy people. As a precursor to our Academy or Consulting it is a perfect read, one of our new fashion brand contacts read it on his plane journey home- in his words it is ''easy and no nonsense whilst tackling a very difficult subject''.

You can also look at our consultancy for medium to large companies - and our academy for teams on

Get on board with our work, If you are large right to small and beautiful

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