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Featured on the wonderful Sustainable Fashion Week shop alongside other other brilliant fashion authors and respected leaders ..

In my collaborative style I like to acknowledge them all for the work that they do and create - and especially Amelia Twine for the feature and for her Sustainable fashion Week event system that is so powerful every year.

Our book is not just in the fashion space alone - it is inter-industry in many respects and showcases not only my experience in the micro and growing Circular/Regenerative fashion space but Kenneth Alston and his macro work with larger corporations over the years. It is a nice fast no fuss read for busy professionals and CEOs to get a hold on Circularity or what we call Real Circularity and invite them into our world.

Grab the book or any of the above via the Sustainable Fashion Week shop here - And take a look at the 2024 events and other items - they are a not for profit - and we collaboratively sponsored Brighton last year with our businesses inside The Incubator ..

The book features our work in Real Circularity, examples of collaboration and new systems from The Ecosystem Incubator & has created our Academy and projects and collaborations.

Books are a massive part of the life long learning journey - and I also acknowledge the authors and figures that have made my work in the regenerative business space possible Laura Storm Giles Hutchins Daniel Christian Wahl Jenny Andersson Charles Eisenstein Donella Meadows Rob Hopkins 

Links to my/our work on

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