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Confront The Elephant in the Room

Let’s get REAL about the Economics of Circularity here, when you think about it – it doesn’t work right?


Not in this world of linear growth, So, how do we work with New Economics in our new business landscape?


We test it with our ecosystem work - the pioneers, we trial it, we actualise it. Ken Alston has also worked on implementing with larger businesses through the 3 decades and adds his intelligence and actualisation with the Cradle to CradleTM work – then we share our findings and solutions with our Real Circularity Academy, work with our clients on specific road maps for implementing not only a more workable circular product but a circular business model, thats more than the sharing economy.


Think about growth in new ways, join us in our Real Circularity Academy or link with us for your business roadmaps and blueprints as a consultancy.


For professionals (usually inside a business), consultants, freelancers and students – as well as micro seed start up business you can feel free to join our Academy as a single user .. It gives you access to our 12 month Alumni group with live sessions each month.


Sign up by WED 8TH MAY to be invited to our special Alumni live masterclass on applied New Economics, and gather your ‘’Elephant in the Room’’ cheat sheet – as well as the full online course and access to all the special sessions and VIP summit tickets.


(If you are a larger business, consider our Academy for Teams, Special speaking sessions with books and IRL worKshops, 12 month circular business coaching or bespoke consultancy) link with us for a meeting to dis


If you are new to our context, then do gather our quick and easy read book by the same name 'Real Circularity' especially written for busy people here or link with Rachel for a meeting to discuss consultancy or coaching options.


We don’t theorise – we actualise .. we test, we work with you and create win wins.

Join us in actualising the solutions.

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