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Fashion Project management that’s sustainable & ethical.

At Circular Earth project management is one of our super skills, teaming design management, supply base search and connection, critical path creation with sustainable fabrics and components.

How do you find those trusted suppliers? Which fabric lasts longer?

In you want longevity, circularity, sustainability and workability baked in to your business or sustainable parallel brand – with a no fuss attitude, get in touch.

Building a brand is not just about the product, it’s about when it lands, how it is made, who has made it/ethics, what the cost price is, sustainably made fabric, but where that is made in relation to the CMT and the real time that it takes to do that dependant on where you are making it. Really can we do such project management on it that we make sure that it is commercially viable as well as being sustainable and ethical.

We have experience in working on UK, China, Turkey and Indian supply, we have started networks in the EU also. We look at the product that you want to create and fit it to the best place – or if you are set on a place your product can be worked to fit that.

Locality is one of the most important factors going forward, with our regenerative product development and management options you can start to create and co-create locality projects.

If you want to build things with future legs, get in touch, we look at the most innovative and real ways for you to build towards a sustainable fashion future.

Join us for a coffee connect to discuss your project management

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