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Ecosystem Facilitator & founder

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Imagine your business being as beautiful and effortless as an ecosystem.

I am Rachel Sheila Kan, the founder of circular earth, the Sustainable fashion design, development & promotion consultancy.

In my past life I got really good at organising people and things to get the job done. I link with other sustainability and fashion professionals from within the industry base, In turn bring bespoke teams to coach your valued staff ready for a sustainable future.

No need for you to hire more people just because you want to move towards sustainability - let us help you and your teams forward for the future of both your business and their job longevity. See us as the A-team of sustainable fashion.

So what is is that Circular Earth does?

1 - Coaches teams from within in best practice and action in sustainable futures

2 - On the ground advice on sustainable fabrics, trims and updated information.

3 - Design and Development in a new era / engaging & transforming supply chains.

4 - Providing a business case for sustainability.

5 - Sharing the solutions and roadmaps.

6 - Ethical and sustainable marketing advice and coaching

7 - Arranging the building blocks of your business and how it evolves to a regenerative future, one that is resilient for the new world that we step into.

8 - Troubleshooting in terms of what you already have in place.

Register your interest below and we can have a conversation.

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