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David and Goliath

Great to be included last night in the event that Alex Fatho-Bland created with Beyond Retro .. I really love the ethos of inclusion and company openness that Beyond Retro have been building from within that Hugo was discussing - It is lovely to hear about how they work with and keep in communication with their inner people - and encourage collaboration. I also loved who Noki was being in standing for his art and re-use in his business.

I very much wanted to look at how we can work with larger corps in different ways ... even those who we as small business may feel are 'evil' .. and look at how we are being with that - I totally get that fast fashion / over production and much more has caused un-just balance in the world - but we must look at the very systems that are underpinning this and how we can build at a better new balance for both large and small. This then ceases to be about David and Goliath .. it becomes an inter-being . I feel it may be that it is us that show the large how this can be both innovative and viable in the transition to new economic values that we need to try on in order for us all to thrive - big or small. Small I see can create as one a disruption with new structures .. Give everyone a new playing field - not just a choice between two worlds.

In the regenerative thought process - old ways of being will die off In order to reveal great new shoots.. This may take Cathedral thinking - where we are looking at who we are being and our creation not just for now but over much longer periods of time - that may outlive our existence.

I loved the three words that came from the speakers at the end .. me: Unity Hugo Harris: Fun Noki: Creativity

I shared how inspired I am by the work of modern day philosopher Charles Eisenstein - I leave you with his current writing that talks about this point way more eloquently than I can.

To try on building in Collaboration with The Ecosystem Incubator - try on an intro each week at 2pm Friday - link on the web page.

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