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Create your business with forward innovation

‘’Sustainability is about staying relevant in an increasingly complex and interdependent world’’ Naidine Gudz (Director, sustainability strategy interface inc)

As businesses we traditionally look towards clients, trends, catwalks and take a year on year approach. In a world where the 'normal' doesn’t really work anymore, we will be nudged, moved into the new playing field. Be ready for the change rather than bringing up the rear.

Most products are not made to sustainable principles, going forward citizens will be expecting this as standard. Choose to move your fashion or textile business to the new world rather than being part of the old one.

The thing is that it honestly isn’t just about the product, it will also take systemic change, in ethicsl and in life cycle systems. Sustainability isn’t just about mashing an eco fabric into a design – it is ultimately also about how you design your business for the long term.

Circular Earth can help you move towards this kind of transformation in existing business or start strong in new projects and start ups.

I have worked in design, fabrics and supply chain for many years and bring the new elements needed in systemic change and innovation to the forefront of your business.

Small can be very pioneering, sometimes it just about starting with one element of your business and moving into each area.

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