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Competition and Collaboration

A lot of who we are being within Circular Earth and its projects is about Collaboration .. especially in The Ecosystem Incubator space. Moving out of a competitive mindset we feel is a future practice that will become more and more paramount.

Gaining access to making it work in the current economic climate and creating a bridge to that future of thirive-ability for all is an interesting process, one of trust, of longer term thinking, of intergenerational respect and a new connection with others that has been lacking in the main business arena. We don't see it as this is your dance space and this is mine - we view it as dancing together and creating the needed harmony and trust in co-creation.

It is not unheard of to have companies work together on joint ventures, especially larger companies - as they do find a win win in certain collaborations with other designers, business and we will be building with this thought process in the design thinking sections of our ecosystem - especially if you are a brand and would like to be part of co-creating this trust - we have a special workshop to create that on Tuesday at 2pm. We will have our partners in The Joint Venture Company be there to facilitate the transition and discuss more about the main industry of working collaboratively. Of course our Regenerative side is always present, part of sharing the future and being future innovation is to facilitate that journey and know that we already have the tools in pockets of business already.

The Ecosystem Incubator thinks and creates thing on long term cathedral thinking - what we are creating together will have short term business gains for sure - and we can start to create collective and collaborative business straight away as people enter the ecosystem.. However it does take years to grow a forest to its maturity - and we see the ecosystem as a forest, the first 10 weeks were creating the compost in which to grow our seeds, and now we start to plant them.

We acknowledge those that have started to join as part of the seeds, your bravery and solidarity in our community and mission. Thankyou we have the upmost gratitude for you.

To find out more about The Ecosystem Incubator .. join in one of our weekly sessions for an introduction here

To watch our launch video - click here - 1 hr long

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