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Collaboration is fun

Collaboration has been one of the key principles within Circular Earth and any projects within. I have found it to be most beneficial, either It being financial, lifting each other up, sharing skills or platforms.

This is no different in our new venture The Ecosystem Incubator, where we have collaborated with Wondr network , Ethical AI and many other change makers and sustainable fashion professionals, brands, factories and mills in the co-design of the ecosystem. I have loved the co-creation side of things and it has really helped us gain clarity in what we need to create In service to the ecosystem of fashion.

It has been a fun journey so far, and now I don't feel like the only loony dancing on the beach - I feel a movement is starting and others are dancing with me. I know it will continue to be that way, regardless of outcome, there are no expectations other than creativity and building thrive-ability to all. We do however now need to move into the realness of bringing the brands, mills, factories and professionals into the space. Trust has been highlighted as being a key feature that must be upheld to make sure that the integrity of the ecosystem is kept in place. We will do this from within wondr and using our trust manifesto.

Something tells me that collaboration is a such a new mindset to grasp, and we at the ecosystem really want to grab that by the horns, and give you the tools to build together. We will run some sessions on collaboration with our joint venture specialist, collaborators The Joint Venture Company, Joint ventures in the regular business arena have always been done - it should be no different in the small to medium business co-creation space . With joint or co-lab partnerships one will be able to build each business for a win win win.

The collaboration continues in the Start up Strong in sustainable fashion course, our cohort members are focused on up-cycling so we collaborated with Tatty Moo who shared about her journey in up cycling. We also collaborated with Ethical Hour , giving her insight into marketing and From Belo for their insights on social entrepreneurship

Join in our next Tuesday Taster if you are a Start Up in Sustainable fashion

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