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Circular Earth - Connections - November

Join us on the Journey to sustainable and regenerative futures

Sharing knowledge cross industry and meeting others in other discaplines is such a part of all we do both in Circular Earth consultancy and The Ecosystem Incubator. Finding opportunities for joint ventures and collaborations.

Consulting & Project Management: Circular Earth

As you may know I worked in the fashion industry for over two decades and I love to work with forward thinking creative brands that are committed to sustainability. This is why I founded Circular Earth ( ) - a sustainable fashion consulting and coaching collective.

We are continuing to work with out clients and build sustainable and regenerative futures, often linking to The Ecosystem Incubator to work with members to collaborate on new initiatives. Some of our work is with other disciplines that need our bespoke help to source fabrics, makers and indeed up cycling initiatives. If you want to work in different ways from the usual book fabric - make something - ship out .. we can do but we find bespoke ways to be able to work in a more agile way. We are looking at reduction of over production via mini production hives and utilising different sources for fabrication that may be from a waste stream. To get that to work in an economic way for our clients is the thing we love most - looking at structuring and agile work flows that might not have been paved yet.

We also have the new Fashion Mastermind for those building a business that need a touch base but can't work economically with our bespoke consultancy - offering 3 one to one calls and what's app trouble shooting as you grow your brand over a 6 month period.

The Rise of the Collaborative: The Ecosystem Incubator

The Ecosystem Incubator ( ) is something I’m deeply passionate about.

We have been working in the last month to build into each niche category and just had great feedback for our first meeting in the Intimate apparel space. It was so interesting to hear the different kind of trouble shooting that happens for different product types. We are working into that niche and many more to introduce in an experiential way how we can start to have action based conversations in collaboration and Joint Ventures.

We continue at the end of this month with a meeting around the area of Co-Marketing covering all niches. This one is really something to co-create - as there are many avenues to land in . . one of them is our collaboration with Brighter Compass to create co-photoshoots or Co-Video shoots .. It is so hard as a start up to get great content unless you have access to your very own film maker - and even that are always busy shooting commercials. Sign up to be a part of the collaborative idea making process here and find out more about The Ecosystem Incubator.

Our Podcast series continues and will be showcasing our newest members Vandal Kids and Roc Ethical in the next few weeks.

Courses: Start Up Strong

Our course is now available for digital download on our website and we are adding more and more niche area lectures and conversations as we go. Recently working with Coushman Bespoke on sharing about her experience as a solo maker.

We have loved streamlining the course so that you can access at any time.. you also still have the option of a one to one session with me as a part of the price. 10 online recorded sessions and the one to one for only £200 - so pretty cool at under £20 a session, a great Christmas present for anyone who knows someone who wants to create a sustainable fashion brand out there.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to have a read. Do, have a click on the links and let me know your thoughts and projects.

All the best,

Rachel Sheila Kan

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