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Circular Earth Connections

Join us on the Journey to sustainable and regenerative futures

Connection and collaboration are at the heart of what we do and are being at Circular Earth, It would be great to hear back about any of your projects, Start ups or business journeys into sustainable futures. Always happy to connect.

Consulting: Circular Earth

As you may know I worked in the fashion industry for over two decades and I love to work with forward thinking creative brands that are committed to sustainability. This is why I founded Circular Earth ( ) - a sustainable fashion consulting and coaching collective.

We have been working this month with clients on building to the next stage of business. That may look like taking on a kick starter, choosing that factory and supply chain or building new living systems thinking into their strategy. Wherever your business is on the journey - Circular Earth can bridge that with you...with down to earth experience on the ground of brand building from nothing to a business ready to go to the next stage.

Building Conversations: The Ecosystem Incubator

The Ecosystem Incubator ( ) is something I’m deeply passionate about.

I really believe that in order to build a new world in the fashion space that we must look at collaboration and to more agile brands to take the stage, that’s why the ecosystem is there to help build these networks.

We have finished the official design thinking stage, however we will always ask questions and be listening to the network to help it thrive. We have preview introductions to the ecosystem each week on a Friday 2pm UK time. Take a look at the new spruced up website for more details on registering for that.

The Launch of the ecosystem went well and trusted suppliers and brands as well as educators and professionals with decades of experience have started to enter the ecosystem.

For the first few months we will be showcasing those that arrive in the ecosystem on all channels.

We are proud to announce our advisory collaborators and ambassadors of the ecosystem, they are on the website now.

Courses: Start Up Strong

We have finished our first cohort with the Start up strong series and I have loved sharing and creating with the brands in the space collectively you can learn and have my experience on the course at a fraction of my regular consultancy rate - so its a great way to get the knowledge that you need to Start up Strong.

The next Cohort starts in September and if you are keen to understand more, we will be running Tuesday Taster sessions at 11am throughout August and early September.

Click here to register for the next one.

Our new cohort link -

We also launched our designers Toolkit workshops to skill up in Adobe, one looking at fashion design using Adobe in context and one for brand development. Check them out here…

Thank you for taking time out of your day to have a read. Do, have a click on the links and let me know your thoughts and projects.

All the best,

Rachel Sheila Kan

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