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We apply Real Circularity™ principles to Fashion businesses to increase brand longevity, profitability and future fit.


The Future of Design, Systems, New Economics, Education & Creativity



Bespoke Consultancy

If you are a more established business and want to work on Systems, Circular design and Innovation. Work on future fitting your business for the new economy. Book in to discuss your options and see how we can work together. ​

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Discover Real Circularity

Our work with the great legend Ken Alston in the area of Circularity in Fashion and Inter-Industry.  Link here to learn more and get a deep dive into how we work with this complex topic and apply REAL Circularity. We apply Real Circularity to our consultancy work.



Seed Start Ups

If you are a start up or micro business or professional in the industry, take a look  at our Real Circularity Academy. You may also you might want to start with the Academy and join our project The Ecosystem Incubator a collaborative of micro businesses working together.

​‘’At Circular Earth our stand is to work in ‘Real Circularity’ Our approach will always be to look to the evolution and nurturing of regenerative and Circular process in systems, product, Social & locality areas.


Our Key Work

CIRCULAR EARTH solves each client’s issues by providing a comprehensive approach backed by our of Ecosystem of experienced professionals. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of clients, but also help them develop successfully.

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New Economic Models 

We have started to iterate on a micro level new business economics. We know that the journey to Real Circularity will depend on working with the figures and business development in whole new ways.

Transition towards the new economy is not easy, and we offer road maps and business development work to look at your business for the future, whatever your size, in brand, supply and manufacturing levels.

Opening your business to new customers, new revenue streams and improved function.

Circular Design & Systems

You have the business prowess yet are looking for the trusted partnerships to bring your circular lines and ranges to life ? 

Our niche experts and research projects give us access to an ecosystem of intelligence and applied work. Using Real Circularity to work on systems, best fit design and new economics.


We have access to a network of new innovation, development and new business practices to work on turning Business as usual to Business of the future.

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Education and Creativity

In our work we are always educating, in our Real Circularity Academy and in our work with businesses.

We can shape the educational aspect to train your teams to be able to apply Real Circularity in the context of your business.

We Co-Authored our first book on Real Circularity with The simple Idea publishing agency .. We can't wait to add more examples in from brands that work with us.

We work on Research and Development Projects that support the futures that we see coming on our Trend Radars - and make sure that we have the most up to date and future thinking ideas with relevance to our work.

Real Circularity & The Future of Business

We stand for creating with ''Real Circularity'' All of our consultancies from bespoke to start ups, have circularity at the heart.

So much so that we will be sharing a new project in this arena soon encompassing not only the fashion industry but her interlinking disciplines, building Circular Earth consultancy into more than fashion.

We look forward to sharing this soon and creating real regenerative systems and products with many collaborators. Link to our mailing list for announcements. 

Projects with Circular Earth


The Ecosystem Incubator

Find out how our collaboration community works


Learn about Real Circularity

Client Notes

''You have always supported and championed Belo from the beginning. 

I can not say how grateful we are for that as well as such a wonderful friendship. Without you, we would not have been able to get where we are today''

'Belo Bags'

'Its like business Therapy !

Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to sustainability in fashion and has a vast network of contacts in all areas of the industry, which is invaluable for someone who is only just starting out in this field. Her knowledge, experience and passion make it such a joy to work with her and I would recommend the Mastermind program to anyone who would like to build a sustainable fashion brand and doesn't know where to start!''

'Rebel Patch'

''Just started mastermind with Rachel. I’ve known her a while now, since I completed her start up course a year or so ago.  Rachels unique blend of warmth and business acumen make her an amazing ally in developing an authentic brand. I’m really excited about the next 6 months.''

'Emma Summerscales' 


''I had the pleasure to work with Circular Earth on my new childrenswear brand at a time I was stuck with development and sourcing. They understood instantly my brand and situation and helped me solve lots of issues. Showing dedication to my project and availability given my very tight deadlines. She can help from development to production and marketing. Overall they re-injected confidence in my project when I was feeling a bit lost on my own. I would definitely recommend her.''- Katheline Vandal, 'Vandal Kids'

''Thank you for your help so far. It's made my life incredibly easy during a rather turbulent month. Indeed this part of the process can be draining but I'm confident things will start to improve as I transition away from the 9-5 and take on Revivre and Roca Bay full time. ''

'Roca bay' - sustainable kids swimwear 


''Rachel, you created a snowball of momentum for me since my return to the UK. I cannot thank you enough & hopefully we can meet in person before I relocate to China.'' - Joey, 'Veshin Factory'

Rachel is a passionate sustainable fashion professional, she is always updated and sharing valuable information. Rachel is very generous with her knowledge, she is always open to collaborate and to help others. Rachel joined me in one of the most challenging things I have done: a crowdfunding campaign. It was fundamental to have her and her network help and support. - Maria Teresa Flores 'Moda en Verde'


''Circular Earth are the perfect partner for any brand or company needing help with textile sustainability. Her passion for sustainable matters is second to none and her knowledge is excellent. We love Rachel's manner, she's incredibly helpful and gives guidance in a very supportive way. I would be more than happy to wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to work with a talented consultants in sustainability.'' - Dowsing and Reynolds

''Rachel has a rare gift... The ability to create and help others see and create also. And not only in theory or on one realm.  She has a depth of wisdom and heart, developed over decades that allows her to masterfully consider the ecosystem of an idea, person or project. 

She’s an asset to anyone that truly wants to explore and create with a pure heart.''

'consulting client'

Circular Earth Nominator

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Our partners 

Green Future Project

Circular Earth has Partnered with Green Future Project to drive positive climate action.

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