How do you transform your fashion business in a sustainable way, with integrity?

Welcome to Circular Earth, a fashion coaching & consultancy business that aims to tool up your teams with the power of knowledge from the inside of the industry. Coming from a place of how it will impact the world, your business and future.

The beautiful, inevitable wave of change is happening in the fashion industry. We will quickly help you align your business with kind-earth principles, whilst maintaining profitability throughout



Bring about change from within.

Team transformation

Sustainable futures

Project Management

Bespoke transformational coaching that will empower your team into sustainable action for the future. From an angle of design & fabrication choice, supply chain all the way to marketing strategy.

Touch base on your progress with a support network aiding in your transformation and bringing the right minds to the table for your business and sustainable futures.

Bespoke planning from the inside building a brand management strategy, creating parallel brands or integration in and around your current business.


About Circular Earth

Where the Passion Begins


Rachel Kan


I am Rachel, I have been a designer & design manager in the commercial fashion industry for 21 years. Working within sustainability for the last 3 & lecturing in sustainability and ethics in business. My down to earth style is always welcomed, It's often said that my get the job done attitude is refreshing in our industry.

I have always worked in a very hands on way throughout my career, I learn't about fabrics very early on as a merchandiser approving fabrics & always understanding the technical processes behind the art. I was launched into flying over the world to factories and doing business with them from the early days of my career until now. Understanding the supply. chain and how to work that within a critical path. Later leading to Brand development and design management.


Client Notes

''Rachel, you created a snowball of momentum for me since my return to the UK. I cannot thank you enough & hopefully we can meet in person before I relocate to China.''


''Rachel is the perfect partner for any brand or company needing help with textile sustainability. Her passion for sustainable matters is second to none and her knowledge is excellent. We love Rachel's manner, she's incredibly helpful and gives guidance in a very supportive way. I would be more than happy to wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to work with a talented consultant in sustainability.''

Sustainable Energy

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