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The Importance of Real Information

A really interesting topic to look into as a consultancy is to find the sources of all information, to get down as close as we can to the truth. Some work is created with specific interests, some information is not yet complete and or has been dissolved or watered down over time.

At Circular Earth we know that it is difficult to find the truth, or if you are new to sustainability, even know what you are looking at from the vast array of certifications and information out there. We work with people who have been and got their faces in the dirt and know some of sustainability's myths & unknown hidden issues. It is especially difficult in the fashion industry to find out whats really happening, always has been.

This can be done only with a Qualitative approach, building the picture with a whole systems circular perspective to give you the best result for your product.

We use our decades of combined experience to give you the best chance at being honest about your claims. A lot of greenwashing is done unintentionally especially when brands are new to transitioning, it would be a shame to create an entire new range only for it to be marginally be slightly better than your last collection.. if not sometimes worse.

It is important not just to pick up on whatever can be found quickly but to look very closely into the possibility of the fabrication /design and origin to work on its future use cycles rather than looking only at its raw extraction.

One cannot just google things and find the correct pieces of information, there are often as you dig in way more nuanced things to look for deeper in on reports, on comparing them, indeed looking at them over a bigger context.

At Circular Earth we work in a whole systems perspective where we can take a larger birds eye view and then zoom back into each micro part.

We also take a life long learning approach with an ever curious eye on the pulse and beyond. We don't think that we should assume anything, we must check even our own understanding especially in different contexts.

We work with multi size businesses, and there is a fit for you in many of our programs. If you are just starting out and want to get a head start with us join our mastermind, you might also love our collaboration project The Ecosystem Incubator.

If you are an Small or medium business especially if you are transitioning then you might be interested in our Real Circularity Forum or Bespoke consultancy

For Established business work with us on a Bespoke plan for your business and have us do the investigating for you also choose Bespoke consultancy

Set up a Virtual Coffee call to discuss with our founder Rachel Sheila Kan.

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