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Real Circularity at Pure London

It was fabulous to speak at Pure London again, this time in a special showcase of Real Circularity.. with the legend Ken Alston supporting on his video interaction.

Here's me discussing our whole systems perspective where we move from macro and being able to see all the interlocking businesses, departments and industries - how everything has a ripple effect - whilst being able to zoom right back to the micro and look into each tiny detail - sharing how that impacts the whole system.

We have a very pragmatic approach to co-creating Real Circularity within businesses, it gets you Real and present to the applications that the entire business has to look at.

Ken Came along on Video to share about the myths of sustainability, having worked and been applying in the space for 36 years - are we more or less sustainable than we were back in the 80s ? Here's Ken to explain...

There will always be controversy where a new way of working is emerging, and by stark contrast in the show next door to Pure called Source large giants of Fast fashion were having a go at being 'Ethical'.. We do work with some large business, it doesn't mean that because you are larger you are unable to transform - we look to build with those who want to have hyper integrity in the space and be humble about their journey and apply it in reality.

With large business set up in the BAU landscape it will be mostly an incremental journey. In our work we know and have been in the regular supply chain for 2 decades we know the mammoth task in every business size. We do encourage a combined collaborative approach and have functions and new ecosystemic applications to facilitate that.. We have been incubating this in the micro players in our project The Ecosystem incubator, showing great promise with those who want to work as one for a better future.

Ecosystem Collaborator Sara Collins - also sharing on stage about fair trade practice and building a brand with ethics and organics at its heart.

We look forward to the future for all brand sizes and grow with them all in our unique living whole systems principles ... For micro to small brands coming together to create competitive advantage .. for medium to large brands looking at new economics and creating rev not just from the product.. working on interlinking larger brands and industries - even moving rev into the micro functions inside the Incubator that are super cutting edge and supporting regenerative and circular futures.

With thanks to our Interns , Our secret Weapon and Collaborators

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