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Circular Earth Connections

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Join us on the Journey to sustainable and regenerative fashion futures

Welcome to our Circular Earth connections - sharing with you what's happening in the consultancy Circular Earth and our collaborative The Ecosystem Incubator.

Pictured: Our founder Rachel Sheila Kan talks at Women in Sustainability network at Janus Henderson investors.

This past week Rachel also took part as a speaker on TedX .. we look forward to the video being ready to play very soon .. she spoke to her work in collaboration with The Ecosystem Incubator.. where we move from ME to WE, entitled ''Creating in Living systems'' and based on her forthcoming book ''Try it On'' .. link here to speaking

We will be working next with our team and associate Ken Alston on our project ''Real Circularity'' welcome along to come to our workshop for businesses who want to work towards Circularity. Where we ask What are you trying to sustain ?

Have you noticed how everyone is jumping on the band wagon of being ethical, sustainable, carbon neutral or net zero… or say they are?

For what feels like decades but has really been the last few years, people are waking up to some of the research and popular texts and terms like, Cradle to Cradle, soil to soil , Doughnut Economics, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, IPCC reports and Sustainable development goals.

However all too often it is the same conversations, cliched theories and nothing actually changes in reality.

We say its time to try it on and get real.

The Workshop showcases what this looks like for your business giving you the tools and blue prints . All proceeds of this workshop go to charity, which will be different each month. This month we support Parkinsons UK.. Ecosystem members will get a promotion code to come at a great discount.

Consulting, Brand design & Product Development: Circular Earth

Our founder Rachel has been in the fashion industry for over two decades and she loves to work with forward thinking creative brands that are committed to sustainability. This is why she founded Circular Earth ( ) - a sustainable fashion consultancy.

We have started out Mastermind program where we will coach you and introduce you to the right people for your business who are fit to purpose... saving you time and energy. Giving you 3/4 calls a month and what's app hotline. For current clients feedback on that - check the page listed above.

Our commitment to Circularity has always been a part of Circular Earth at its heart and we are working into that with our current proposals and clients. Ken Alston joins us as Circularity associate - as we unite on our Vision of a decentralised future.

We have taken on our first core team member in operational - Melchior Villet who will be helping with gathering funding, writing and communications, as much as he can fit in .. he is a BSc majoring in International management at Kings College London. We also are inviting more interns into 2023, we love to work with talented minds - for out internship program reach out to us.

Check our Team page for associates in your niche and our core team.

Evolution of the Forest: The Ecosystem Incubator

The Ecosystem Incubator ( ) is something we are deeply passionate about.

We are opening out tot he next 100 collaborators inside the ecosystem this month .. Join today and use code ECOSYSTEM100 to get your first month free .. and legacy account. with thanks to our tech collaborators Wondr.

We have been working on the fundamentals of communication and building into the collaborative co-creations, which include bottom up co-created brands, collaborative consultancy, streamlining and indeed opening up for our education and nurturing section, where those who want to try on more knowledge on the subject with in transition inside their main job, start a brand or switch careers.. we will be hosting regular coffee mornings to aid the transition for newbies in sustainability.

We continue to build into the Ecosystem and invite new members in each month. starting to create win win ventures and connections for the collective

Celebrating our Interns, Associates, and possibilities all inside Circular Earth LTD.

Supporting Community projects with our link to Bromley Greener and Cleaner school education project .. having fun sharing with the students about up-cycling.

Book in a coffee talk to discuss your needs as a business moving into sustainability

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