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Another Year in The Making

Before I go off into the ether till new year .. (I’m not going to play much on social till then) - I thought great let’s take a moment to reflect on the year & reset the next one up.

We had a great time at our Circular Earth Christmas gathering and invited our new assistants to join us, even Ken Alston joined us on zoom. It was interesting to remember the journey of the year. Photo with our Assistant in circularity Aya.

What a great time we/I have had this year .. working in Circular Earth & The Ecosystem Incubator.. I say working. To me it isn't work it’s absolutely my life & I love it - not in a sad ‘I’m so busy'’ way - more of a it’s interwoven & work isn’t work it is indeed life.

It has been exciting to invite in associates and assistants to the business, where It was once just me, it’s great to have others involved in Circular Earth. I would also love to thank all the interns who have worked with my during this year.. again helping me create focus and continuity in the business.

This year I’ve been doing a lot of speaking, joining the dots between circularity, whole systems & future focused collaboration, highlights are Pure London, Top Drawer & TedX. I so loved all of that and plan to look into more over the coming year. If you are interested in myself or any of our associates speaking either in the UK/ EU or indeed USA check out our team page. My speaking page is here. - Featured photo TedX Sutton

We have continued to build in collaboration and deepening our relationships and networks inside The Ecosystem Incubator. We are working into continuing to nurture the seeds of the ecosystem with out collaboration with Wondr our tech platform host to invite more communication and forward thinking planning into 23. We will be inviting more members to join us and look forward to that further journey. Photo : Waste to Wear - Circularity event, with Laura Zabo, Belo Bags , Yago Eco, Tze Ching Yeoung/We disrupt, Moda en Verde

As a micro agile business add on inside the incubator we created Love Big Coats, I have enjoyed being involved in a design utilising festival reclamation, thanks to Tent Share for the sleeping bags. We will continue to grow into it given orders and intent .. a great creative design pursuit which we hope to continue with.

To order your bespoke big coat - check the website. We only make to order

We had a great time testing our Real Circularity workshop, some great comments so far which we will add in due course to the webpage.

This will evolve into the monthly Real Circularity Forum conversations to invite SMEs to join us in working in REAL Circularity. Check the webpage for details and comments. It is something we apply in our main consultancies also as standard and as always a whole systems perspective with a nuts and bolts application.

I am really enjoying the journey with our mastermind clients, where we help coach start up and micro business work into aspects such as design and development, branding and positioning, asset management, structure, project management and business all focused on sustainability and circularity. If you are starting up - save time and stress by getting coaching with me and other associates.

I have enjoyed very much costing up some larger proposals to bigger businesses, and look forward to that coming to fruition next year. It has reminded me that one can grow from one to a forest if one dares to lay the seeds.

I also am a lecturer for a unit on sustainability and ethics at the UCA .. It has been great to get back to face to face lectures and I am enjoying that journey as always. And I have been working with School kids in the Greener and Cleaner Bromley School project as Textile Expert where we teach up-cycling whilst discussing the nuances of sustainability in the fashion space.

I look forward to the Christmas period where we are now sitting and strategising the next year, reading, resting and having time to write more into my book ‘Try it on’ launching in the spring time - pre-order here

Above all the journeys listed always remind me to remain humble and know that we are on a continuous learning journey, we cannot ‘know’ everything and to be constantly curious is a great space to be in.

We are not the sum of our years, only what we continue with creating in each moment, how we continue to stand for a future that is not about our past.

In constant creativity and curiosity,


Director : Circular Earth LTD

& Ecosystem Architect

Rachel Sheila Kan

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