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Womens Day, finding a new balance

Rachel Sheila Kan - founder of Circular Earth talks of a new leadership.

I am reflecting as it is Womens day today, and in that context here.

I think that all humans, man or woman can balance the masculine & feminine within for a better understanding of each other as humans and as one.

I understand the background of women being placed aside in society for millennia & acknowledge that pain – that inherited trauma – I feel strongly that the past needs not have any bearing in the world that we live in now and for the future.

I’m a “stronger” woman because I found a new balance over time – I be like me & allow my inner masculine and feminine to shine as one.

Societally there’s still a large issue with the gender pay gap & women not being recognised- I acknowledge that this should be brought to the light .. but also want to note that the “masculine” style of leadership is a part of the system- a sickness itself .. and under this new balance to be struck in all of us to really see swifter change socially & environmentally.

Sometimes I’ve experienced in life being cast aside because I’m such an interesting example of human hood. Often they don’t quite know how to be with my power & I completely get that now .. in the past I’d thought there was something wrong with me I’d try to change or adapt & now in my knowing and being my ultimate self – I get this distinction.

I find interest in knowing also that my power is not just about the stuff that’s perceived to be “good” like intelligence, clarity, beauty, leadership – but also that the “bad” emotions , silliness, shyness or pain are part of being truly yourself – I want to share that being with all there is about you is what makes you whole and complete.

In the past I have never been one to blow my own trumpet in life – told I must be modest and humble due to my past working class roots – told I must take the hand I’m dealt & be grateful. I certainly take some of that with me – but I can see that now & know whilst in times I can sit in modesty.. I know that this doesn’t serve me in this current economic system based in a past. In building regeneratively we must step into our power invite in the vulnerability to be fully ourselves and balance with the mechanics of building a life, business or community in this world as it is and as it is not.

Equally I’ve met men/women who are in anxiety, depression and low self esteem because of some women/men who cannot seem to find balance themselves – I get where the other party is too and there is nothing wrong other that what we make it mean .. The main part I’ve noticed is that each human “allows” that past of that other persons stuff to move them into a loss of power that doesn’t serve them & decades can go by in this resentment to a person, a society , government or indeed inherited trauma. Letting go really being very powerful, being with that it doesn’t represent anyones best interest to hold on at all.. as much as it hurts or makes you wrong. Recently I let go of someone who I was allowing to hold my power, it was important that I did but it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to be with.. seemingly simple to say let go, practically a very difficult balance to strike inside oneself.

So I go back to balance – knowing oneself – balancing the masculine and feminine within you, thus having an understanding of our outer effects .. being able to place boundaries of expectation on what’s ok for you & what really isn’t – not in a shouty way – but in a calm reflection & insightful process.

Move into a space of understanding that a lot of what you are “supposed” to be man or woman is inherited from a past that is not our future – and to get that distinction means we can come from a place of nothing & be our most wonderful selves.

Thanks to everyone that has been on the journey with me – even the hard difficult things.

Join me in new leadership – in the collaborative, in balance, in stepping into ones power individually and collectively… I work with this in the fashion industry in The Ecosystem Incubator. However we look to build into new and interesting inter industry and inter hierarchy in The Ecosystem Architects – watch this space for more in the future

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