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What is the Best Thing to do with a Plastic Bottle ?

👗 Turn it into Fabric? .. This is a degenerative path .. yes it recycles the bottle and creates a new cycle .. Yet there is not great ways to regenerate again after this use other than up-cycle/combined cellulosic- which at best creates 1 or 2 more uses . Plus in the user experience in washing it creates more Micro Fibres. So not a perfect solution for a plastic bottle .. (In comparison with Natural Fibres- yes less energy and water are used for those that want to dissect my dissection - though- that is very relative, very nuanced and cannot be big brush quantified in my humble opinion)

🤔 Turn it into another plastic Bottle?... Ok in this scenario - we are recycling a single use item that doesn't have to be single use in the first place .. I feel it's better than making a fibre from it, the more beneficial thing than a fibre to create is something of the same integrity that can be circularised again. (this uses more energy - so in each scenario and type of recycling we have to be concerned with where, how energy, transport and the short use is problematic in this space) ..

🙆‍♀️ Make it with Longevity so one can re-use it ?..Ok so yes make it into something that lasts and can have more uses .. for sure thats better than single use .. in its wear what happens ? It breaks .. bits come off it, eventually it looks sad and weird and we think hmm what do we do with that now?

🌏 Create systems for which re-use is effective ? .. Great now we are talking, we need to then add on systems that aid the process and ensure the item is owned not by the user but the company takes responsibility for their creation and creates paths for it to be returned and effectively re-proccessed . Creating places to re-fill our water / pop / whatever.

🥃 Not make a plastic bottle in the first place? .. Is plastic the very best thing for items for longevity ? This is a difficult one - as if we are centrally making something and shipping it - the weight of glass of metal can be an issue .. yet not as bad if you get mega uses out of it .. One of our bigger distinctions is - Locality, thinking about where you make it & raw/re-use material, moving into locality creation / re-creation.

In some localities the water is not fit to drink and we need plastic bottles .. so all these things also have a sense of place, we cannot look at one thing in one place and create with the same distinctions. We also cannot look at one solution that might fit all brands or companies.

For this and much much more join our work on Real Circularity .. with Kenneth Alston & me !

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