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The Ecosystem Incubator Launch

Friday saw the launch of The Ecosystem Incubator we have been creating design thinking around what the ecosystem community would want and should look like. for 10 weeks of talking and co-creating the space. Thanks to everyone that joined us on the first part in sowing the seeds. Thanks to our collaborator partnership with Wondr who are hosting our first community space & to ethical AI who will be then helping to guide the future into the AI platform.

’’True innovation occurs when things are put together for the first time that had been separate’’

Arthur Koestler and John Smythies (1969)

We launched with some great brands and professionals in the room, Interest in the ecosystem is growing and many willing to be the first to start dancing with us in the new space. It isn't easy to be the first on the dance floor so we are happy to really promote the people in a co-marketing splash, that take the plunge with us for this first month.

The Ecosystem Incubator is a place where will will be collaborating on MOQs, on co-marketing, Co-Circularity and having a space where the people in the system are people that you know and can trust creating thrive-ability for all.

In separation we are alone, together in connection we create trusted partnerships and joint ventures with confidence that our ideas won't be 'ripped off' - that's a part of the system we are used to for sure, in my days as a designer we were asked to rip off the ideas of others all of the time, this didn't help anyone really and only showed the lack of diversity and stunted creativity in our fashion system. We aim to foster new diversity with collaborative thinking where within the ecosystem you will find new and innovative projects that as a collective we can champion as one - and be first to market.

This is why our Trust manifesto created in collaboration with the Wondr network is such an important part - aiding you to be sure and safe in your business joint ventures.

Trust manifesto pillars

Collaboration - Together, we do not view each other as competition but rather as allies towards a greater goal

Regeneration - Together, we opt for practices that help us create a sustainable world and we support each other in making those choices successful

Transparency - Together, we act as a team. We do not seek to better ourselves individually at the expense of damaging other ecosystem members.

Join us

To Join the Ecosystem incubator - follow our wondr link to the community space page

Thank you to all involved so far, for all the guys at the campfire which helped me formulate some of my thoughts in living systems .. Thanks to Simon Hedley for being my Strategic Alhemist throughout - giving me the tools to confidence, clarity and building my positioning throughout this last year.

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