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Sustainable Fabric comparison

Doing some great research for some clients needing sustainable leather alternatives. I love doing fabric comparison, It is really interesting to research into each option and see the real sustainability of a fabric.

I will save you time & use my knowledge to see really how sustainable each option is. Even collating viable fabrics for you, suggesting suppliers and sending swatches for your reference.

To be bespoke to your product and brand identity is paramount, I make sure that the product fits and will suit your needs. As I am not linked to any of the fabric suppliers by money ties - I am able to give you an objective view.

I also give a troubleshooting report on the fabric that you are currently using - so you can see the benefits of moving towards a sustainable alternative. Showcasing the benefits of the sustainable and offering advice on the most circular or biodegradable route.

I organise it on a plate so that it is easy for you to make the transformation. I am happy to project manage or teach your teams in creating the product or brand, my background being design management.

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