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Sustainability from the inside

I totally get that to be business as usual is a must for any company wanting to transition towards a sustainable future. You have to be in the system as it is and make money, I get that. Unless you are willing to take a big plunge and cancel your business all together this just won't be commercially viable.

At Circular Earth I want to create that you can bring into force sustainable practice whilst working on business as usual. Then when you are ready with your bespoke project we can launch it with integrity. Ready to serve the consumers what they need - truly sustainable considered pieces.

The inventor of the lightbulb worked by candle light. The inventor of the engine used a horse every day. People building clean and renewable energy need to drive cars, ride on planes & heat their houses with gas, because that's what's available to them.

Participating in the world as it is does not disqualify you from trying to improve it.

The same in sustainable fashion - while it is certainly a work in progress - to sit on your laurels and not do anything would put you behind the game. To work on it with integrity towards future sustainable practice from within will make you the inventor of your own future.

I can help you towards that goal with my years of knowledge and understanding from the inside of industry & in the sustainable futures arena where I have been working and lecturing for 3 years.

Looking at your business sustainably from a design and production perspective.. along with branding and promotion. To make sure that you are well informed of any new sustainable revolutions and development..So that you are ahead of the crowd.

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