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Show up for the future.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

What if your world didn’t revolve around the constant spread sheet and bottom line, margin and making sure stakeholders are happy? It must be exhausting right? What if stakeholders were equally as happy with you creating say work life balance for your workers or a focus on an amazing new product line that will transform the way we work with our natural resources?

I have seen ESG investment start to rise after Covid, and though it may have a long way to go in compliance it is at least a force to be reckoned with.

It is a major boon in the world starting to see more than GDP growth as a future possibility for a business. Investing in natural capital and human capital for the future is most important. I am not saying that money will disappear, yet more the attention and competition for it may subside. I think to go for money-based purpose in the future, even I dare say the very near future may start to look vulgar.

Sustainability is way more complex than just moving towards a sustainable material or even a circular process – It is the mechanics for sure. I love what they do at the Ellen Macarthur foundation in terms of progress and relatability to larger business.

Moving away from those mechanics and technology though, and into the very systems of life in which you exist. I’d like to ask; how do you want to show up in life?

What is your mindset for the world that you live in? – with your kids or spouse or parents – how are you being in that world? How do you show up for them? If I’m honest when I was in the matrix I wasn’t showing up for my kids or anyone else, I was burnt out.

Then how do you show up to the world? Do you relate to the work you do in terms of GDP profit on the bottom line or the respect of others creating your items in different countries (Human capital)? Do you care about year on year uplift or having enough? Do you care about where the raw materials come from (natural capital) or what you can make from those materials?

A leadership with more compassion is what our citizens will look at as a measure of integrity in the future, I say citizens rather than consumers – for me must serve them and not them serve us.

In relation to climate change it is I believe our story of separation that fuels the fire. We separate ourselves from each other, from our earth, even the very balance within ourselves is uneven and we move into a space of well I’m just doing this to put food on the table – or I need to grow my business because the shareholders say so – or I need to survive.

Lets’ together make a different story, one of thought and consideration for the future. One for our children, our grandchildren – (yes, we must think longer than 5-year plans). Thats why I place out there that I am unattached to if my consultancy works of doesn't work. The main theme here for me is the intention of my stand to help transform business.

So whatever way let us create future where we show up for our loved ones, the world, it's biodiversity and our fellow humans.

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