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Regenerative Economics

In working towards a new economic future in action, building with collaboration in The Ecosystem Incubator I have found some find it difficult to try on another way of working as a collaborative – totally get that – we are looking at something that hasn’t been tried on before – it’s like saying right, go try on that crazy parrot jacket over there – wooo man that’s mental.

The idea for the incubator came to me when I was starting on the journey being a consultant, I thought hmm why are there so many of us consultants out there doing and being very similar things – and not always joining up to work as one.

Day after day, week after week, we work in isolation. On our own – posting over n over about the steps that a business needs to create garments and production. .blah blah blah.. I got bored of my own mouth!

Mirrors the noise out there in brands jostling for a seat at life’s game of musical chairs. Undoubtably the ruthless, perceived intelligent and down right lucky get a chair.

The real thing is – many of us are also fighting to be seen. This makes the way that people share focused on the fruits rather than the process and being in service.

Brands also, you must feel the separation? big or small? I know in a big corp one can feel like a cog in the wheel, not important as maybe a few value you and see you.. many don’t see the beauty in your work.. over time unless you are very resilient you feel pushed away, or insignificant. In a small business and indeed I have felt this, one feels like a little ant pushing away every day ,every hour, every minute. In our design thinking sessions when creating the ecosystem, in all work senarios it looked like, loneliness, feeling small, not being special, feeling un-intelligent, trying to ‘keep up’ with everyone else? Felt that ?

When we create in collaboration, in the self organising teams that are not ‘one brand’ (this is not about building communist uniforms – of mono-culture), but to build healthy living systems, each a business connected to a wider network of support and trust. We start to experience re-connection again – we are not alone, someone has our back – we have someone else’s back.

So we start to sit at a new game of musical chairs where one space might house 20 or 30 people, where there might be flying chairs, and where there are different chairs for different needs.. one then doesn’t feel reluctant to give up a chair for another knowing that there is always a chair available.

Don’t build in separation, join us in The Ecosystem Incubator and build with re-connection. Collaboration is needed to re-wire our systems towards a world where we all thrive, not just those who have rode the waves that created the need for COPs.

Try on The Ecosystem Incubator – and build in collaboration.

Ideas in new economics with thanks to Charles Eisenstein - ref game of music chairs - 'Sacred Economics'

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