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When goods have reached their end of life or are no longer used, they usually end up as waste in landfills or are scattered in the open environment. How long can this go for with the declining availability of world's resources when the population and the usage of these resources are in constant enormous increase?

Circularity has recently been gaining greater attention because of the increased awareness of the environmental and social issues. As circularity advocates the necessary and desperate shift from the current linear system following the “take-make-dispose” approach to “take-make-reuse”. Also, if you didn't already know, circularity is one of the ways of achieving the 17 SDGs, mainly SDG 12 that focuses on sustainable production and consumption. However, the key is to apply REAL circularity and not just jump on the bandwagon of being sustainable, ethical, carbon neutral or net zero. REAL circularity aspires you to move away from the same conversations and cliched theories and encourages the application of REAL results into your business.

To get your hands on making REAL changes and to start your roadmap to success then come and join our REAL circularity workshop hosted by the circularity gurus Rachel Sheila Kan and Ken Alston. To find out more about the workshop and to sign up visit We hope to see you there!

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