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Proactive engaged people.

'‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." ... Albert Einstein

Learning doesn’t stop when you finish university at 20 does it?

I believe all people should have access to knowledge regardless of age. As a lecturer I am used to teaching large groups of young adults about the sustainable change needed from within a business. Imagine your teams being innovative, dynamic and equip with real actionable knowledge needed to transform your business for the better whilst still keeping it operational for you. Having a new bridled passion for the future of themselves and your business.

As a design manager with 22 years from within the industry I am used to organising people and things on the ground with action in PLM, supply chain management, critical paths and all the actionable project management that is needed to land a project, season or theory.

How engaging that would be for your team and for yourself, to gain this knowledge and how inspiring it would be for them to apply that to your business from within? Future focused business has to attract talent with innovation and a thought towards sustainability. Millennials are purpose driven as outlined here in the Guardian (1), To attract great talent and indeed retain your staff adding purpose goes beyond just a 9-5 for them and many other sections of society. This is one of the areas that I am interested in looking at as I go forward with my collaborative approach.

I have learnt that you cannot apply sustainability in isolation, I am interested in sharing sustainability as a whole shift in your business for the future. A mindset shift towards this from within will have great effect on your ability to be agile to change and more forward thinking.

Fashion is geared up to respond to change quickly, Yet, sustainable development takes more thought towards, life cycle analysis, increasing longevity, moving to circular systems & much more. There is not a simple magic wand, as much as I would love to be a fairy godmother and wave it around. It is a long-term goal and one that your team needs to be joined with to make it a full reality.

Be ready for the transition and equip your teams. I am in this for the long-term and I am happy to come and chat more with you and indeed your teams about the change needed.

If you are part of a team from within, I am also happy to chat as you have the power to bring this to the forefront of what you do. We can all create ripples of change however small they may seem.

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