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One in all in

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

In these times of uncertainty with the Covid19 it reminds me of sustainability a lot – and how we have hidden from it, as humanity.

It reminds me of why I started on this journey 3 years ago. Oneness, a thought for others. There is a story from a guy that I met who had been in the army – he said that there is a thing in the army where you never leave any one behind – a thought for your fellow human and their family.

The phrase he used with stick with me for life ‘ One in all in’ never leave a human stranded and know that your actions have impact on their life and the lives of those around them.

I think that we can bring this not only to the Covid situation – but also in the sustainability arena. For 30 years we have waited for the government to do something, anything will do – just do something. Just as we wait now for them to go through all possible senarios of money – economic disaster and human cost. Procrastinating just as they have done with the climate crisis that was just the ozone layer 30 years ago.

We must not wait for them – we must more towards a oneness for fellow humans. For they will follow if we lead.

Knowing that the effect that I could have even on one business or one human can have a ripple effect to all others related to that person or business is a huge police for me. One In all in - is another motto that will become me.

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