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New Year – New sustainable mission

Starting in the sustainable fashion space ? If you are small or large - you may consider needing mission control.

I have been involved in Brand Development for many years as a design manager, It is not as simple as it may seem from the outside and if you haven’t been in Project Management or managing supply chains – Adding in sustainability and circularity, It can be a big hurdle to climb when starting a brand and indeed moving from business as usual towards sustainability.

If you have a brand already and want to create a sustainable line – there will be new things to look at – that you may not have considered in your main practice – At Circular Earth we look at this in a whole systems perspective.

Sustainability is certainly not just bringing some organics to your main line – though it can start with that. There are many layers of scope for you to consider. If you are considering building with sustainability in your fashion business – do sign up for a coffee meet here – and we can discuss your options

As a start-up brand you need to know the people that can get on with the job, hitting the ground running – there are many things like fit that we think that factory can do, some can and yet it can far more effective to find a trusted professional to do that for you, knowing that you will get as close to what you want as possible. It might seem like an added expense – but indeed it is one that will save you both time and money later down the line. We can consult and work with you in the aspect of bringing the right people to the table.

Time is most precious when working on a fashion line, less so in sustainability – but if you want your brand to have newness and develop on a timeline for sales you will need a structure and indeed know the hurdles that might pop up on the sustainable trail – so that you can build in interventions. Building a working critical path even if your business is agile is an important part of managing your project – so that you know when you need to make decisions – there is no point in leaving things and then expecting the factory to hurry up making that un-ethical on time for them – if you book and make decisions to a time line – it will be ethically better for the factory to give your project the time it deserves – especially building in extra time if you are a start-up where you might not be that factory’s main priority.

So, for project & design management with sustainability and circularity at its core – jump on a call with us to start your new year fashion business plans with a sustainable blast of positivity and build with us at Circular Earth.

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