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This month our focus is on 'Whole Systems' and approach that we have found in many texts over the years in our different spaces. We find it in Cradle to Cradle in many aspects, Regenerative Leadership is a whole systems approach, Our Common Future a little known book in the sustainability community yet is one of the major influences of our excellent associate Ken Alston (Ken worked with the originators of Cradle to Cradle). A start of the circularity we know today. Limits and beyond also looks at the whole systems approach.

So what do we mean by whole systems ? Some kind of weird get together maybe of minds , could it be a cult ? Maybe it is about being whole within oneself?

Whole systems is much like the one that you are in when you walk through nature, through a forest or swim in a coral ecosystem. You can see in nature when something is inbalanced right there is degradation? Imagine our business / community and home world lived just as a whole system inside nature is - a system that works and interacts in only beneficial ways. It is fully regenerative by nature.

Whole system thinking is the linking of people/ things / industry / brand / development in an over laid understanding of how everything interlinks in the Macro whilst being able to zoom right In to the Micro.

Here is our book list to get you started - disclaimer - they are pretty heavy going sometimes & indeed I would suggest lighter reading if you are just starting in sustainability - Cradle to Cradle is a great lighter start - I also love anything by Charles Eisenstien tho can be equally heavy. Lucky we have done all the reading so you don't have to.

Cradle to Cradle. - William Mcdonough and Michael Braungart

Our Common Future - The World commission on environment and development

Regenerative Leadership - Laura Storm & Giles Hutchins

Limits and Beyond. - The Club of Rome.

Our approach in all of our work is always to be in the whole systems mindset.. if you would love help on how to apply it and certainly don't have 3 years to read, meet all the people that we have over combined decades and start to apply this thinking in real life - get a head start with us at your side, see us as your guides. there are three ways today that you can get ahead in this area

Yes we are 'weird' but we like it : )


Circular Earth

Rachel Sheila Kan

Managing Director

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