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Mindset Mastery - Masculine & Feminine

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Recently I attended a webinar about feminine leadership in response to sustainable world transformation. It was beautiful to hear the amazing stories of the women on the panel – they have done so much for sustainability and we must champion them.

Now I love love love people like Jacinda Arden as a leaders and I understand the compassion, understanding and indeed pure steel balls she has had to have to get to that position.

There is a part of me that says – yay women let’s do this. Yet a part of me that is not about that at all. I know many men with compassion and understanding, true they are not always in positions of major power & they do not always know what to do with it, but they do exist. So, I think the question is not about ‘why are there not more Jacinda’s’ (don’t get me wrong I think there should be), maybe that person/human could be called Dave too.

Why are compassion and qualities of the feminine viewed in a certain form and in a derogatory way? Well we know why – History, I think the future should not be based on any past, this listening of what was so once upon a time of Witches & 50s housewives. Yes, I acknowledge it happened & was awful and they made terrible choices, but should it bear any influence on a 21st century society – hell no.

Mindset in sustainable transformation is something that I find to be a base for change. I have been exploring the balancing of the masculine and feminine amongst other things needed to achieve a future that is not as our past. I think it is just that, being able to achieve balance in oneself regardless, Dave or Jacinda. Indeed, in myself I have had to balance recently and accept that my masculine side is there in a good way to protect me to guide, not to hide him and say he’s wrong and naughty for having me express myself when I need to.

The issue is with ego, agenda, past thinking and listening. As women we can walk into a room and be sharing ourselves with a notion of – ‘ooh I don’t belong here in a room full of suits’ – because that is the narrative we speak into, why so? If you take that story away – you are just in a room full of suits & you are indeed the being that will transform them, enlighten them, engage with them in a spirit of none judgement. I get we all have scars or traumas & people (sometimes not just men) say that we ‘can’t do something’ or we ‘are an idiot’ in some cases it’s a worry ‘don’t hurt yourself.’ That my friends is their stuff and not yours, If we speak into that it will always be there.

Whilst I think yes there should be more feminine leadership – I don’t think it has to do with what’s between your legs, much more the history and story that labelled it so. I think it’s about balancing and reuniting the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ from within regardless of form. This mindset shift or reconnection will have us stop fighting, judging and start really working together.

The story of separation is a very intrenched one, we must break it and unite for a world with a new mindset.

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