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Kidswear - Sustainable Focus

Sustainable kidswear is a really interesting area to work on.. Kidswear needs to be durable, have longevity, we need to think of safety and then on top of that factor in the sustainable and circular processes. No mean feat to take on at all.

At Circular Earth we have decades of experience in the development of kidswear, you could say it is one of our founding niches. We love to work with interesting brands who want to work towards sustainable futures. It is a journey as I always say to my clients. Start-ups for sure struggle with economies of scale even in the main kidswear space let alone the sustainable arena, many struggle with the size diversity needed.

Kidswear is also really price sensitive and many brands struggle in this capacity, building something unique and different to the mainstream is key, warranting the higher costs inovolved – something that offers a new take either in its design, function or circular process and handling.

Last year we worked with growing Longevity brand ‘Vandal Kids’ it often helps to really home in on one aspect and build with it as the brand grows. Both my kids and I love the design and function – my boy rolling on the grass and doing combat crawling recently in his pair.

As a mother myself I really know first hand what is needed both from the asthetic and the durability side. Most of the clothing on the main market doesn’t really answer my needs as sustainable mother of the year – I make things last for as long as I can and then turn them into rags as they go down process. However, we must think of how we can up-process this as the item ages – or create a way to circularise the items effectively.

In the development of sustainable kidswear you can count on Circular Earth to work with your needs and get the job done. Join us for a coffee chat and learn about how Circular Earth can help you on your journey in the kidswear niche.

Pictured - Vandal Kids (hoodie and jogger) & Boy wonder brand (t-shirt)

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