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This past week – we have been working with more kidswear brands in sustainable and locality production and creation. Making introductions and building within super niches.

When working in kidswear it often means you are building with many different products and applications at one time in a multiproduct space, creating and working with anything from bags and accessories through to jeans, outerware or swimwear. As a multi product developer one would also work with print, embellishment, shape, fabric as well as trend over many products – making it an excellent base to jump from.

It was from that great base that our founder Rachel Sheila Kan started her career and she takes that experience through into working with that and building in a sustainable, circular and local way.

Often when you think of starting in kidswear with your brand space – it is difficult to see new complexities such as safety, such varying sizes or customer bases and more.

In kidswear for instance you can look at your customer avatar from 3 perspectives, the child space, the parent space and the grandparent / gift space. It is interesting to try your designs on for all three – or indeed concentrate on one of those aspects.

So, if you are looking to start a sustainable kidswear brand or indeed introduce a parallel aside to your main adult brand. Set up a quick coffee connect with us to help you to build it with no fuss.

At Circular Earth – we are the down to earth sustainability consultancy that gets the job done all within the constraints of your critical path and needs. We have the product management experience to be able to take your brand from zero to hero. From Kidswear, to accessories to adults.

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