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From Sustainability 101 through to Regenerative processes and business structuring.

We have been on the ball with our sustainable practice for many years, always working with the most up to date visions of the industry. We have seen now that the regenerative has started to become a trendy word… and just as sustainability it must be used with respect.

At Circular Earth we like to be at the forefront of learning and education in these areas. Our founder Rachel Sheila Kan has been building regenerative and new economic practice into her other projects already, for a few years now. The main industry might have only just got a hold on sustainability, yet we know that the future is a regenerative one.

There is much room for improvement, and yes we have to acknowledge that it is indeed a journey. Let our knowledge become yours – and let our innovations and ideas fuel your future. It is creativity that will shine the way, of course we have to balance with reality.. which is where our grounded roots from knowing the industry for decades also comes in.

To learn about our work in sustainability 101 right through to the regenerative projects that we are building in The Ecosystem Incubator.. join us for a 30 min coffee connect on our link.

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