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Every Problem is a BIG opportunity

We know how it is in the world right now. The media as biased or unbiased as it is in one way or another shows us the forest fires, the floods & the water wars. They are starting to become part of our scenery. Sometimes I do feel like a little ant, I totally resonate with that feeling of ‘what’s the point’ & ‘who am I?’ I said that to myself for many years!

Then I look at my children and children of my friends and family & I see that there is a higher purpose than just survival in this life. Look into your life, who might benefit from you acting within your business for their future? Your son? your daughter? your niece? your cousin? your partners child?

I do this for them just as much as I do it for the joy of seeing the fashion industry cleaner and more in tune with the world. No, it isn’t easy, but transformation is rarely that way. I am here to make things smooth for you, however it is you who has to make the decision to move towards change. Now I can tell you how it is right now in the world – but you know it right – sometimes hide from it – I understand totally.

I do know that this should be seen not as a pain but as a big opportunity – to save the jobs of the people in your business, supply chain and your future sales. But an opportunity to give back to the world for the future of our children.

Let’s get practical, I’m in this to aid transformation in sustainable and ethical futures. And I want to give my knowledge to you and your teams. However, we live in a world where I also need to feed my children and continue in our capitalist guise, as we all do. I get where you are coming from, I am in the same space but with the knowledge and want for knowledge ready to go to work in your business.

Let’s make the problems of this world an opportunity for all & for the future.

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