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Drapers 'Ones to Watch' The Ecosystem Incubator

Our Project The Ecosystem Incubator is gaining industry traction being nominated as 'Ones to Watch' in the Drapers Record sustainability awards last month. Here's a guest blog from the incubator ..

The Ecosystem Incubator is proud to announce that we were acknowledged as being ”ones to watch” alongside some amazing new brands and ideas. Not being a brand – being more of a new system is a little different and Kirsty McGregor the drapers record editor shared with us after the conference that ‘different’ is often what they look for.

Our highlight was meeting the amazing Safia Minney who was awarded the title ”sustainable fashion champion”. A great surprise to re-meet Esther and the team from Fan Fare label – we had met when she popped up previously in one of our events back in the day – so great to see her getting an award from Touker Suleyman of Dragons Den fame, and the other judges / award winners Christopher Raeburn & Sarah Needham from the centre of sustainable fashion. We also bumped into Joshua Scacheri of the brand Love Hero who did the most excellent pitch as a fellow ‘one to watch’ – we love his genderless suits and tailoring knowledge

It is great to see so many people wanting to work inside the sustainable fashion arena, the industry itself being so difficult to access without adding in the new future of 4 or 5 dimensional sustainability that we need to lean into. This is one of the reasons we started The Ecosystem Incubator, to work with micro brands, growers, artisans , designers, garment techs, consultants etc to create joint ventures that work and encourage the new economy, sharing, circularity, reduction of over production and thrive-ability for all players not just the select few. We work as a whole system in collaboration, which is ironic that we are celebrating an award in a kind of competition.

We would again like to acknowledge our first collaborators inside the ecosystem, it is you guys that are the great seeds for the new economic system to grow from. We are all winners and we are so curious to see how the next parts unfold as we start to create our collaborations, co-brands and innovations together rather than in separation.

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