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Collaboratory Action.

So much noise sometimes - being in this state of stopping, this period of latency - It makes me see just how much there is going on out there - so many people so busy – busy bees. Nothing wrong there, I would love to see the bees congregate in a hive and make bigger more meaningful honey together.

I got that I was just bust buzzing about in that maze also. It took me to stop and see a new path - a clearing.

I want to make sure what I do is relevant. Not just for my ego and agenda. Super difficult not to attach a business to an ego.

I want to share with you that I don’t know all the answers – none of us do really know yet. Sustainability is so brand specific, factory specific, supply chain specific, economic time specific & location specific that I cannot apply one rule of thumb to all. And I’d want to bring in the right people and plans for each case in point.

I would like to propose that collaboration is just what is needed to let this run faster. Bringing systems together with brands, brands together with influencers, brands together with fabric supply chains. That’s what I do best – bring the best most fitting people together and have them work together.

Today I did something that I wouldn’t usually do – I met a person who is developing an awesome new idea out in China. We had a long conversation & I thought you know what I am adding meaning to my 3 years of building networks. In the spirit of collaboration I shared with him some pointers in the right direction for wonderful people and business that could not only help him but who in turn he could help. He was happy with my input of course. Equally he is happy to work with me in the future as well. He shared my collaboratory nature & it galvanised my thoughts towards collaboration as a key part of my work.

Bringing people and things together is my gift. I think doing my thing and having people and brands collaborate will be most advantageous thing that I can be in the industry right now.

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