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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

To me the journey of the regenerative business is far more than creating physical circular systems, absolutely, yes it is a part of it. The bigger change and challenge share’s itself in transforming our business practice to assess our systems and practices from within.

I have been reading recently a lot about AI, one book talks of how small businesses will become more prominent than their cumbersome larger counterparts. How collaboration between smaller brands will make them more competitive and indeed agile.

I for one am happy to collaborate with smaller brands as I see it is key to nurturing unique ideas and innovation. Indeed, having them work together for the greater good I think will be a solid base for the collab economy.

At the moment my collaboration is with mini brands who want to enter the UK market or make a move with their ideas and innovations. So far, it’s been interesting, and I am enjoying the challenge.

Looking at how to make collaboration work in the real world as it is and as it is not, right now is a whole big challenge of time, thought, economic balance and systems process. Yet I think that it is very worth it. Collaboration is at the heart of Circular Earth, but it must come with inner sustainability in terms of nurturing one’s own business.

There is a definite balance that needs to be struck in this overall and generally I find listening to what the other partners need and being creative in how a business weaves things together is key.

Moda en Verde & Circular Earth is a prime example of how collaboration can work. We are coming to the end of our collaborative crowdfunder - yet I feel it is only the beginning. To support our collaboration and vision of a connected world see the link below.

Recent collaboration with brand Moda en Verde . . small is beautiful - waste to wear

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