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Climate Change Fatigue : The Journey

This week I was feeling the claws of overwhelm after reading an article from Joelle Gergis one of the climate scientists and writers who underpin the reports for the IPCC. In the article she talks from a place of the fires in Australia and how this is one sure sign that we are moving towards more climate disasters. She shares in this the following extract and indeed continues to talk about how she is concerned that we have already pushed the boundaries to a point of no return.

 ‘’There is so much heat already baked into the climate system that a certain level of destruction is now inevitable. What concerns me is that we may have already pushed the planetary system past the point of no return. That we’ve unleashed a cascade of irreversible changes that have built such momentum that we can only watch as it unfolds.’’ (1) Joelle Gergis, Guardian.

Over the months since the two masterpiece documentaries by sir David Attenborough I have had to pull many people out of the worry of impending doom of the future and have them see that we are at least creating ripples or can start to create ripples in what we do as businesses, lecturers, teachers and leaders in sustainability practice.

I also often think - is it all enough you know? Well it is better than being and doing nothing, I think that most people, if asked the question would say that they wanted to do something about it, even if it was as small as recycling.

I see collaboration as the future, not seeing what we do or how we are being as separate entities ,but working together to form change and build thriving fashion and textile communities that are about collaboration and not competition. I am always happy to have conversations with anyone who is wanting to enter or transform into the sustainable fashion space, from whatever angle they are coming from. I am able now to link people together and share knowledge, I find this so rewarding in itself.

I stand to transform business from within, I didn’t want to set up my own clothing business I would rather partner and share my skills and knowledge with others that want to move towards sustainable futures. So indeed, however that is, either from a start-up strong stance right through to transforming current business towards sustainable futures. I have been training myself, constantly learning and growing my knowledge and contacts from within sustainability for the past 4 years. With our partnership you have someone who can hit the ground running with your teams. So do not get overwhelmed, business can be there in the future, it will have to be different to how it is now by the time we reach there, I can guide you on that journey.

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