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Circularity, Make it Simple?

Circularity, Make it simple ?

This week we have been wiring some op eds and finding the complexity that Circularity brings difficulty for many readers and businesses.

Describing Circularity, our version of ''Sustainable Circularity'' is long and complex and like all sustainability nuanced to place, situation and processes. That is why we have courses & consultancy for it.

It is like trying to describe nature, its large sprawling ecosystems and situations each unique, each housing a different temperature and climate with a unique balance.

So maybe we can share it like that, it is like nature. Nature has optimal systems and processes - and we in our circular work can take heed.

If you place toxins into nature it poisons not just one area but everything it touches, including ourselves. Nature sometimes embodies toxins inside plants or animals and we in our circular function can also embody them, yet we must be mindful how it is put into the next use.

Now as we have extracted these toxins and stores from the world, we have created our ''technical'' cycle .. we remind people that the natural cycle and the technical cycle are not in isolation - theres not a technical world and a natural world separate like two alien lands - they live in the same place, particles that come off from the technical move into the natural world. It is important to make systems so that this is either optimal for the world (including humans and animals) or that we collect them and keep them in the technical cycles.

We must make whatever was waste now into new value, we have to optimise everything that we create. No re-use or repair scheme on its own in isolation without the whole ecosystem and ecosystems of ecosystems will be able to create the ultimate system, if the system and items in it have not been designed optimally, extracted optimally and thought about the next use over and over, it is simply pre-longing waste, this is good but not optimal . It is a part of the evolution and elongation, yet only a part of the system.

Like the seed shown here - we must design that our waste is now a value or a new seed for another thing. any particles are seeds or nutrients. This is why it is not simple, it is complex and it is something we need to work on as a collective - not in isolation .. we can help aid that process inside businesses taking it one step at a time and creating value as we go. To learn about us check out our webpages and set up a meeting with us. We can be both complex, pragmatic and business like at the very same time. Link with our ''Whole Systems'' processes.

To take Circularity from a concept / a theory to reality. Circular Earth Consultancy

For professionals inside business look at out Academy programs, For business look at our coaching and consultancy.

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