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‘’Life creates conditions conducive to life’’

Studying deeply the regenerative recently really added so much more depth to the physical circularity that we know is needed for the world and very much in our product-based fashion industry.

Physical circularity is the product really going through a life cycle – either natural or mechanical, being thought about from its inception or design to its death and into a new life. This requires a technical eye, a project management aspect and indeed being able to measure the impact, making sure that there are no unintended consequences in the actions that you are taking as a business in creating the circular action. I am more than happy and well equipped to create and manage the physical.

Yet the metaphysical (meaning understanding existence) is more of a challenge! Looking at every aspect that we do through the lens of ‘’life creates conditions conducive to life’’. The regenerative helped me to see the fullest picture of our systems, not only in business but as a whole. Understanding that we are not separated from the world or each other. Looking at how we create business structures that thrive rather than just survive.

Physical Circularity will indeed get us far towards a certain balance, applying living systems thinking to the equation really helps your business to operate for the future world and allows that physical system to work in economic terms. Think of your business as an ecosystem rather than a mechanical one.

To find out more about living systems thinking there are many books and videos , by Daniel Christan Whal (Designing regenerative Cultures) , Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins,(regenerative leadership) Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics) Charles Eisenstien (Climate a new story). I am very much working on how to create this within fashion, companies like Patagonia are already working to a living systems model physically and metaphysically. With the leaders going towards this I only see that we will all shift into the regenerative.

Circular Earth looks at your business from regenerative, circular and living systems thinking.

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