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Circular Earth Connections - September

Join us on the Journey to sustainable and regenerative futures

As we move into post Covid times - we say touching wood and heads frantically that we do not get a resurgence, as we all figure out how to live and work in the new digital / life merge.. Circular Earth is being agile to that change and making changes to help our clients, cohorts and ecosystem.

Consulting: Circular Earth

As you may know I worked in the fashion industry for over two decades and I love to work with forward thinking creative brands that are committed to sustainability. This is why I founded Circular Earth ( ) - a sustainable fashion consulting and coaching collective.

We have taken on some new and interesting clients, we will do design management, procurement and brand creation with. Part of what we do is to take on that part of the development with you so that you can concentrate on your brand or other work functions. Our clients are not always from the industry so our collective experience in Circular Earth is vital for others that have established business in other sectors and need our help and connections.

Planting Seeds: The Ecosystem Incubator

The Ecosystem Incubator ( ) is something I’m deeply passionate about.

After the launch last month we have been so honoured to receive our newest members and ambassadors. We created a podcast and have started to showcase the first members as we know how difficult it is to be the first dancers on the dance floor - and really work in this new collaborative way.

Kishore Shah from Khadi London, pictured at the top of this mail is one of our members and he talks about how we create new social structures that are about collaborative locality working . Check out all our members on the podcast here. We also have John Parkinson why has been in circularity or what was called shoddy up north in Sheffield for most of his life.. Ken Alston who worked with the originators of the cradle to cradle movement in the 70s and Tena from Thinking threads who talks of cultural anthropology in fashion. More fascinating people joining us - and podcasts coming up with the newest members, including our newest Bel Jacobs who comes to us as in an advisory capacity for the, ecosystem stands for new economic thinking - where we look to reducing over production and building with regenerative values.

Courses: Start Up Strong

We have started our new September Cohort, we have realised as now we are moving into post covid times that we need to be more flexible with the course.. so we will be building a digital journey that you can access at any time - rather than being fixed to a time and date.

We will still offer a one to one session live at the end of the course - but the units will now be pre-recorded - making that cheaper for you and easy to access - so watch this space for the new link to that next month.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to have a read. Do, have a click on the links and let me know your thoughts and projects.

All the best,

Rachel Sheila Kan

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