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Circular Earth Connections

It is Rachel Kan, founder of Circular Earth here with you for the monthly connections.

Connection and collaboration are at the heart of what we do and are being at Circular Earth, It would be great to hear back about any of your projects, Start ups or business journeys into sustainable futures. Always happy to connect.

Consulting: Circular Earth

As you may know I worked in the fashion industry for over two decades and I love to work with forward thinking creative brands that are committed to sustainability. This is why I founded Circular Earth ( ) - a sustainable fashion consulting and coaching collective.

This last month has been about working with our clients to build into their sustainable businesses.. For the best part this has been about sourcing, which I really love, making the connections either with past people that I know have integrity in what they do or with new people who I have resonated with and networked with in the sustainability space. Finding those fabrics within the minimus is most challenging but not impossible.

Collaborations have been featuring and we are taking on our first intern, who will oversee some marketing in turn for my experience and knowledge. It’s a great value swap and I see it being most beneficial for Circular Earth.

We have been out making proposals to new companies in co-marketing strategy and in building living systems and new innovation to existing sustainable businesses. I love that we can be versatile and work with any stage of business.

Building Conversations: The Ecosystem Incubator

The Ecosystem Incubator ( ) is something I’m deeply passionate about.

I really believe that in order to build a new world in the fashion space that we must look at collaboration and to more agile brands to take the stage, that’s why the ecosystem is there to help build these networks.

We have almost finished on the design thinking part of the journey, it is has been collaboratively created, and this sits at the heart of the ecosystem. Today we finished up 9 weeks of collaboration conversations, there is one week left , and so to join our last one and bring your ideas to the table follow this link.

We will be also creating a launch in a few weeks July 30th to showcase the final outcome of the conversations and share the interactive first conversations platform in association with the wondr network. Check out there amazing work here - .. Thanks to the guys at wondr who are building a bespoke communication platform to facilitate this first growth of the forest.

To join the launch day – please sign up at this Eventbrite link

We’re also building out our team, our advisory panel is growing and will be posted on the website very soon.

Courses: Start Up Strong

We are 8 weeks in to the first Start up Strong cohort, our cohort has been mainly focused on the new area of waste to wear which I am highly passionate about. We have been getting some great feedback – most of all its noted that we cut out the BS and tell it like it is.

‘’ Highly recommend this course. I’m half way through. Rachel cuts out the BS and tells you what you need to know about the fashion industry and how to start a sustainable profitable business, adapting the course to your needs as it progresses. Thanks Rachel Sheila Kan loving it so far. This week we had a highly personalized session from Sian Conway-Wood … golden nuggets from years of real experience.’’

Thank you to Sian Conway of ethical Hour for her bespoke session and Charlotte Bingham Wallis of From Belo Bags for her really down to earth conversation on social enterprise and building her waste to wear business.

The next Cohort starts in September and if you are keen to understand more, we will be running Tuesday Taster sessions at 11am throughout June, July and August.

Click here to register for the next one.

We also launched our designers Toolkit workshops to skill up in Adobe, one looking at fashion design using Adobe in context and one for brand development. Check them out here…

Thank you for taking time out of your day to have a read. Do, have a click on the links and let me know your thoughts and projects.

All the best,

Rachel Sheila Kan

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