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Circular Earth Connections

Welcome to Winter

Winter draws in 

As winter draws in we I'm sure as well as your are evaluating our year as well as preparing for the next.

Have a read about all of our adventures in Circularity, Collaboration and most importantly the Connections below...

- Rachel  -

The Real Circularity Academy now goes into its third cohort, this will be the only virtual live option in 2024 , we have more people signing up ready for our January 17th start.

We are proud of the quality of professionals that have taken the course up and actually it's better to let them speak for us as above.

This is not a course to teach you have to suck eggs - this is real application in context with your career and professional work. 

The Real Circularity book has been winging its way out to professionals in the US, UK and EU. It is a quick read for busy people that don't have time to spend the 36 years that Ken has taken to really be a master in this space.. I am certainly a Jedi ,  my domain knowledge and regenerative application and business models are complimentary to the work that Ken did with Cradle to Cradle.

You can also look at our consultancy for medium to large businesses.. link with me for a virtual coffee to discuss your options here:

We have been looking back to the work that we have been creating, co-creating and in our research and have worked on our Circular Earth site to focus in on the things that make a difference to your business more.

We always like to streamline and pivot based on where we see future business going and what will be pivotal both then and now.

Circular design, Systems, New Economics and Research has shown up to be most relevant and that is what we have been doing best.

Have a look around our new site and get in touch if our consultancy or initiatives are within your scope for 2024

The Ecosystem Incubator is a Dynamic space to come together and co-create the future of fashion, for micro brands and players from seed through to store and back again in circularity.

The Ecosystem is now creating or should I say co-creating its first collaborative brands, ideas and initiatives .

The above photo is showcasing our first collaborative brand Sanja Stories, This was featured in London Fashion Week on the Regeneration catwalk show created by Safia Minney and her team.  We are inviting the customer to be a part of the journey and work with us on our first run... we are looking for you to create a pre-order so that we can buy the fabrication and then you will be asked to join the community.

The cool thing is that we are going to help you to customise that in the best way to keep the item in the natural cycle and not to add toxins to it, for both wear and for the eventual end.  The design is made to encourage longevity featuring adjustable waist and length - as well as modular knees.Featured on Model: Aaron A

With Acknowledgement of Kishore Shah, Jo Salter, Claudia Coveyduck, Abhishekand the great pattern master Guru ji  from Mishika Crafts  .. for the first part of this great regenerative and circular initiative. 

Watch this space for a great podcast hosted by Jo Salter - link here to listen .. 

We had a great session at Sustainable Fashion Week in Brighton, where The Ecosystem Incubator part sponsored the events including a catwalk. 

We did a great panel discussion with Besma of Ethical Influencers &Jo Salter around Circularity from there sharing the book and the transparency and depth of Sanja Stories denim shown on the catwalk here.

Showcasing the work of our collaborative Sanja Stories, Love Big Coats, Roc Ethical, Bon and berg , The Evolving Wardrobe & Tai Rahman. 


Finally our collaboration with Tent Share the great Sharing Economy system for tents has collaborated with us to create Love Big Coats, working with post festival waste.. we aim to design this out of the system for for nowLOVE BIG COATS will create fabulous coats with sleeping bags that would otherwise go to landfill. We met up at The Blue Earth summit and discussed the deeper version of the collaboration and cant wait to get into that in 2024.

You can order your bespoke colour and size (though the one size generally fits all) over on the LBC webpage ..

Christmas 'Business present'

Finally, gather your christmas business present a collaboration with Pause Stop Reset journals and Real Circularity.. to get ready for your new year.. place that on your Christmas list

Happy Christmas and join us next year for more Circular, regenerative and collaboration business.

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