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Circular Earth Connections

Join us on the Journey to sustainable, Circular and regenerative fashion futures

Welcome to Summer

''Its been a busy three months in Circular Earth, we have hardly found the time to create our connections e-mail ! That I only see as a good thing indeed, circularity and regenerative practice is at least now being acknowledged and asked about more and more.

Enjoy the read - and I hope we can connect soon on your work too. '' - Rachel -

Our Real Circularity Academy started on Wednesday and introduced us to our founding professionals.. all with amazing experience and knowledge in the fashion space, wanting to transition to the world of circularity in their professional careers.

We are proud of the quality of professionals that have taken the course up and we look forward to the next 12 weeks.

This is not a course to teach you have to suck eggs - this is real application in context with your career and professional work.

Acknowledgement Ken Alston & Simon Hedley - plus Da Jeong - plus to our Academy members

The Ecosystem is now creating or should I say co-creating its first collaborative brands, ideas and initiatives .. as it starts to take on a life of its own - these examples will give to you an idea of the kinds of things that we do and indeed be in our Incubator. Aside from the pods we continue to streamline, share collective intelligence and even co-create collaborative consultancy programs like Real Circularity, bringing together 2 or 3 or more people who's knowledge combines to make a more coherent context as one.

The Circle Rooms

Is a collaborative new retail solution for re-use, local repair , retail of innovative circular and regenerative solutions and long term a shared co-working space with workshops and educational aspects. Acknowledgement to Ghislaine, Alicia and Riikka.

Sanja Stories

Build a business together, Sanja stories is a great example of players with different skills going together to co-create a brand .. currently looking for a marketing player. Each player shares in the combined potential of the brand over time - working on an agile and lean method of co-creation. Acknowledgement to collaborators - Jo Salter, Kishore, Claudia and Abhishek

Check out our strategic collaborations

Contemporary Hempery

- A business collaboration with the Contemporary Hempery team and our ecosystem business experts to work on growing a regenerative future with new structures and systems. Acknowledgement to Claire and Kitty


A business collaboration creating with innovative agro waste and our ecosystem business experts to work on growing a regenerative future with new structures and systems. Acknowledgement to Rony Khan.

The Harvest Retreat is an agile project created by a collaboration of minds inside The Ecosystem Incubator, to gather money and funds for the start of a workable first processing of locally UK grown Hemp into a fully localised fiber for sale into fashion brands.

The Retreat will be your deep dive into regenerative communities and the farm that they grow on is truly a whole system, not only do you join in the field with the hemp and heat to prep it, you will sample the wonderful locally made and grown produce (fully all including with your ticket cost by the way), listen to the stories of all the people hand making, the Nettle dress film will be shown, there will be music , dancing and the ability to take part in gong baths if thats you bag.

Acknowledgement to Kitty and Claire

We continue to connect with businesses regardless of their landscape to gather consultancy. At circular Earth size doesn't matter, what matters is your intention..

If you want to work towards a transition from regular fashion to a circular solution - if you want to start a business from nothing - right through to a large corporate business.

Link here with me for a virtual coffee - or if you are in London join me at The Conduit for a real one & discuss your business options.

If you are looking for new materials, we have more and more coming out of our incubator now and we would love to also connect you with the newest innovation with integrity. Watch this space for more innovations in fiber, generally in the old is new space.

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