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Business Case for Transformation

The past is the past, however you have been being in your business lives is how it is. Place it there if you will indulge me and look now to the present and glimpse into the future of your business.

I have found this very profound shift through dealing with the covid crisis. Maybe you have felt it too? A shift even more towards people and planet, towards being more responsible. A sense of integrity not only for the business that you have right now but in seeing it through for 10, 20 even 30 more years. Passing it on to your children or grandchildren. A new longevity in progress, the is not just about you or I - but about all our children.

Fashion business can operate in a responsible capacity & still make money. In fact looking at starting sustainable wheels turning after coming back from covid will actually save you money AND ensure your survival for the future. It asks that you adjust your mindset to the far future.

See insert from PWC report :

‘’Consultants, politicians, business leaders all like to use cost benefit analysis when considering how to act; and climate change is no different. The IPCC reports on climate impacts (WG2) and on climate mitigation (WG3) provide numbers that appear to do this calculation. WG2 suggested that (based on imperfect estimates and models) global losses in GDP could be around 0.2% - 2% under a 2 degrees Celsius of warming.’’

Sustainability is about thinking long term in your business. Legislation will come into play in the future as the government will be forced to follow the IPPC reports and Paris agreement.

It’s like a surfer on a board, will you just hold on for dear life as the waves chop around you or will you stand up on your board and surf them to. I invite you to take a hold of your board and surf the waves.

The World economic forum words it in s great way here :

‘’Business and industry leaders are joining forces to make the coronavirus recovery a chance for a re-set to build a sustainable, inclusive economy, revitalizing industry, preserving vital biodiversity systems and increasing economic growth in Europe.

This was to be a critical year for tackling climate change. It is the year that countries are to submit their new or revised national climate action plans, a key step towards realizing the Paris Agreement. And it also starts a decade in which the world must cut emissions by over 45% if global warming is to be limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius.’’

Don’t get left behind. Help transform our future world today and bring in line & ensure the future of your business.

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