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Building a T-shirt brand? READ THIS NOW!

I have been in industry and in sustainability long enough to know that we are not in need of another t-shirt brand – WHY? This is one area that is super saturated, granted t-shirts are easy to produce, they can share a message and brand easily - totally get where you are coming from … If you feel you need it then cool – let’s talk, there are interesting ways to collaborate and create – rather than building in isolation – read on for some free tips and innovative solutions.

I will give you a first little tip for free – don’t go buying up loads of t-shirt fabric, making a load of things that might be sitting in your house or warehouse for years – this is a waste to the creation, crops, water and labour that was used to create the items.

There are great ways to test the market if you are just wanting to create a front placement t-shirt brand. Use The Tee Mill – they are organic, have a circular water system and circularise their products when the consumer is done with it. You can even set up your own shop through it . . the best thing is you don’t have to over produce – its created to order. So, Tee-mill you are welcome – and Hi . .We used you in some of our co-creations with The Foxy Box Club this year and loved the ease of access and agility to create one off trials.

If you still want something a little more bespoke? – that’s all good, we have the solution in The Ecosystem Incubator – where you can come together and book MOQs as one or even utilise waste streams … great ! – then you are not over producing and you are also sharing the risk, we are creating the trusted networks that allow this co-creation.

Often with this we can co-create the fabric to last longer, have innovative blends, have it managed well to fit better and the print to stay on for longer. As one we can co-create it how we need it to be .. creating plus size or kidswear – wicked - we know that this is an economic head bash on working the size ratios into your margins – getting the price right – why not work with others to create that win win so that you can economically build for that well needed market. Co-create zero waste by linking with accessories or lingerie brands that might want to use the excess fabric to make smaller items or linings.

My/our co-creation strategies could go on and on with the possibilities just in this one area. So don’t create another t-shirt brand in isolation – create a co-creation, in mini agile runs or locality mini production hives … We can work out new economic solutions for your business or product run.

For new ideas on building products in the de-growth arena.. Circular Earth or The Ecosystem Incubator can be your think tank……build as a collaborative In The Ecosystem Incubator or have us devise new innovation in creation with Circular Earth project management.

Regenerate the very system that created over production in the first place – try on working in different ways that work with the economy that we have to create the economy of the future – IN ACTION ..

Link with me to find out more - or organise a coffee chat / ecosystem deep dive .. on my booking link

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