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Being a Business

I thought that I would write today about experience, and knowledge. I read like the wind, I devour knowledge, I network in sustainability not just in fashion but all areas and enjoy sharing information. I very much enjoyed doing my recent course in sustainability management from Cambridge over lockdown, it was immense and helped to underpin my original knowledge which was indeed self-taught.

I am an enthusiast, but through that I developed my niche. I think that you need to become obsessed with what you do, to love it so much that it is indeed a part of you.

I wrote recently that I am ‘being a business’ I’m not doing it; I’m not creating it. I am being it in all senses. I bring sustainability into my homelife, school life, mother life, relationship life, university life, community life and most importantly business life. I am obsessed, I live it. Ask any of my friends, business partners or well people in the street locally. They know me for it, my determination, my knowledge, my willingness to learn, my authenticity, my diligence, my enthusiasm and the way that I get things done.

My core experience is in inner industry, for many years, building knowledge as a designer/ design manager, in fabrics, in supply chains, in building brands, in design and development from trend to shop floor, in project management, in critical paths, in print, in photoshoots, well you name it I have done it and got the t-shirt.

So, yes one would say I am empowered just like the young women in the misguided videos. Like them I came from a working-class background and worked my way in, and I am proud of that. I am empowered to do right by the industry, the world, the people in it and for my children.

I am not good however at knowing my worth or asking for what I want, so I wanted to write this and share myself with you. In ‘being my business’ I have to know my worth and be prepared to ask for it both in money terms and in respect.

So, I submit this: I am empowered, obsessed and I am making a difference. I am currently reading into systems thinking and regenerative leadership – it is fascinating, and I would love to share it all with you and your business for your sustainable future. Maybe you will become as obsessed as I am?

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