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Are We Just Going Round In Circles?

Sometimes it seems to me that we are...

I've been teaching and implementing intentional design for sustainability and what we now call the circular economy in businesses for over 30 years now,

In the past five or so years there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people who say they are working on issues relating to the circular economy.

This is a good thing, and I feel like I've made a contribution to spreading the word about the need to move away from the linear economic model that still dominates businesses today.

That said, the depth and quality of understanding of both Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy is not yet where it needs to be. There is still too much emphasis on recycling, which has not lived up to its original billing as the answer to un-sustainability. We now know this is the last thing to do, not the first, second or third.

And we have to remember that circularity is not automatically sustainability and vice versa. I can think of many circular processes that are completely unsustainable and NOT the answer to the many and varied global problems we face.

We put way too much emphasis on Sustainability and Circularity as goals to achieve. In reality, these are just CONCEPTS. Simple ideas designed to change the way you look at and think about the world in which we live and work.

The first step is awareness raising so we reach a critical mass in understanding the need to shift from the linear to the sustainably circular approach. There is sufficient momentum around this idea now to move to the next, and most important stage. Namely action.

Now we have to shift gears into implementation and scaling these changes. This is more difficult as we have many missing pieces of the puzzle to fill in as we go. Plus, our global economy is wickedly complex.

This is why Rachel S. Kan, and I are leading the charge with a workshop on what we are calling Real Circularity(TM).

Aimed at Small and Medium-sized companies who may not, on their own, have enough resources to devote to this big topic, but who still have the desire and interest in being part of this inevitable change - Real Circularity will provide a grounding in the two concepts of Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy, and provide a roadmap for how to become part of the solution, not stay stuck in the problem.

We'll go into detail on the top 3 myths of sustainability and circularity and the top 3 trends we believe you need to pay attention to in order to sustain your business.

Join us and let's start working on the Real Circularity Roadmap for your business.

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