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Adjust the Sails

In the light of the Covid19 virus business has usual has taken a funny old turn hasn't it ? I see it as a possibility to reconnect with my sons & my family - even if that is through a phone call..

I also see it as a possibility to play with life and business in a way - Lucky that I was just starting up with Circular Earth I can keep it in the background until business owners get sorted. I am a very stoic individual always have been, my father was mentally ill when I was very young and to be honest it helped me to weather most storms.

This is a storm that we haven't seen in our lifetime .. I am hoping it will be a short one.. but we have to expect that it could be a larger one than we think.. and plan in risk management for these kind of disasters or not be fixed to our main plan. If it isn't this disaster it will be another as we enter the climate change context going forward.

We do however have the opportunity to look at this storm in a very different way, creativity around community, bringing things home & comradeship. One where we have the possibility of creating things from scratch almost. I have created and resurrected some business from this low point .. and I would be happy to lend my expertise with a sustainable eye - for future prosperity with a sustainable narrative. Now what prosperity will mean in the new era will be left up to history to decide. What we do and how we impact this planet is one of the things that will be on the agenda, I know that much.

For now I get that most people are on mopping up the water that just spilled out of the bath. For me I am happy to paddle in it and see what fun things arise.

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